Data driven leaders rely on our go-to-market
ready property contact data

Marketing & Sales leaders across the United States are saving time, making smarter decisions and maximizing their return on investment with our enriched multifamily property contacts data. We enable you to buy and monetize data in the most transparent, trusted, and efficient way.

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Information about ownership and management

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Specific location data in terms of latitude and longitude

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Number of

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Type of Properties along with features and utilities

Smarter Marketing. Smarter Sales.

Our unmatched property intelligence helps you plan effective marketing & sales campaigns leading to better customer acquisition without the hassle of eliminating false datasets.

  • Connect to the property owners directly
  • Get access to curated property data
  • Get tele-verified audience data
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Your business
powered by data

At ProperyDataCube we work with some of the largest companies across the globe that access our property datasets to identify opportunities, make informed strategic decisions and fuel their growth.

Obtain contact information for multifamily homeowners and multifamily properties for lead generation

  • Smart Meters Providers

  • Real Estate Agents

  • Telecom companies

  • Security Companies

  • Plumbing Manufacturers

  • Financial Institutes

  • Television Services Providers

  • Property Management Companies

  • ID verification Software Companies

  • Construction & Repair Companies

Enriched Data.
Optimised Marketing.

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Funnels down the
spam list

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Drive Better Brand

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Better Segmentation for
effective targeting

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Optimize Marketing

Bridging the Data Gap

We bring data together to build a richer profile of your prospects and clients.
Evaluate the accuracy of your data objects with our internal database of millions of records to identify redundant, incorrect and corrupt records and make real time changes.

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Data Enrichment

Customised data enrichment to help you build richer profiles and reach out to relevant prospects and clients along with building an audience pipeline based on your Individual Customer Profile.

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Lead Generation

We have an in-house team of researchers and data validation experts that works as your extended arm to support the marketing and sales efforts of your organization.

Data Driven
Digital Marketing

Our team of digital marketing experts in the property sector helps you in achieving your goals with our expert marketing suite of services. Generate qualified leads for your next marketing campaign, enhanced data for your:

  • Email marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Brand Awareness Campaigns
  • Digital Brochure Outreach Campaigns
  • Craigslist Listing Management